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Off with Injuries

I do sports training ~5 times a week. On Saturday I injured my hand. Showed the parents (they're both doctors). This morning I had an appointment with another doctor friend of theirs. His verdict: I don't need surgery (whew), but can't go back to training for a month, possibly two.
I also can't play the piano with my left hand, at least for a few weeks. Almost all the decent repertoire for the one handed pianist is for the left hand - the Ravel concerto, the Prokofiev concerto, the Strauss Burleske, the Brahms transcription of the Chaconne in d, etc., etc.

There are two reaons for this:

1) Most of the one-handed piano music is made up of technical studies. Even for a left-handed pianist like me, the right hand becomes considerably more agile than the left over time as it must play the complex melodies instead of the slower left hand harmonies, so composers will concentrate on providing excercises and training for the left.

2) Ludwig Wittgenstein's brother, Paul. He was a concert pianist who lost his right arm in the First World War, and then used the family fortune to commission music from the best known composers of the day - for the left hand of course. Once the trend started it became self reinforcing. I'm not the only one - my father was treating a concert pianist who'd lost the use of her left hand and faced the same problem.

The only thing I can think of to play off the top of my head is the Alkan study for the right hand only. I don't know what the right hand one is like, but the study for the left hand is said to be fiendish. I'll have to dig the music out from the library. I believe that a couple of the Chopin/Godowsky Etudes are for the right hand only but, as Jorge Bolet says, the technical difficulties are also "horrendous".

So I've decided to start blogging again - hibernation ends in spring, after all.

Looked over the old posts. Mostly but not all cr*p.

There probably won't be any readers left by now, but this was always more of a diary than a blog. (Correction: Looking at Sitemeter, I was touched to see that a small number of faithful readers had continued to check for signs of life what had seemed to be a hopelessly extinct blog. It was rude of me to just leave you hanging for two months, without saying if I intended to return or not. Sorry. Won't do it again.)

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