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Want a Bet?

I have a very left wing friend. To keep the peace we generally avoid 'sensitive' subjects. But this morning we broke our habit and started talking about Israel's incursion into Lebanon. I was shocked at what he said. Not at the usual apologies for terrorism, which I've heard before, but at his claim that the BBC was biased in favour of Israel.

The BBC?

Back in October 2004, the French airlifted the dying Yasser Arafat to a Paris military hospital where he was kept on life-support for a few days, while the PLO and Mrs. Arafat wrangled over his Swiss bank accounts. The BBC journalist covering the airlift wept.

I reminded him of this and said, "If the BBC is biased towards Israel, then BBC journalists would be more likely to weep for Ariel Sharon than for Yasser Arafat, wouldn't they? I wasn't at all suprised when that woman blubbed for Arafat, but I'm prepared to bet you 10 to 1, even 100 to 1, that no journalist at the BBC will weep when Sharon dies."

He refused the bet. Anybody out there who thinks the BBC is pro-Israel and prepared to take me up?

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