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No Honesty Amongst Thieves

The crooks in Canberra who steal our money in ‘taxes’ are quarrelling over the spoils. If you don’t follow Australian politics, the Treasurer, Peter Costello, has announced that the Prime Minister, John Howard, cheated him over an agreement made in 1994 to hand over the leadership to Costello after two elections. There have been four elections since then, and Howard is still PM. Costello has effectively called his leader a liar and a swindler, which everyone knew already. I suppose that Costello wouldn’t have done that if he didn’t intend to try to topple Howard.

It's easy to forget that politics is just as much a competitive endeavour as sport. There is not a single member of parliament from Costello to the most junior backbencher who doesn’t want to be PM instead of Howard, just as the other pro tennis players want dethrone Roger Federer, but the nature of politics necessitates deception.

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